General information

Before using the MS1002plus please read the manual to ensure a safe handling of the device.

The MS1002plus meets the valid safety regulations. Repairs of electronic devices may only be carried out by qualified employees, because inappropriate handling can lead to serious threats for the user.

Damaged connecting leads must be replaced immediately. Use the device only with the supplied power supply! If you see damages at the housing or power supply, have the device checked by the manufacturer to avoid further damages.

The MS1002plus is only suitable for domestic washing machines and dish washers. Do not use it for any other purposes!

Electronic devices must not be washed or rinsed or immersed in water or any other fluid. The control panel can be cleaned with a silghtly moistened cloth. Before cleaning it pull the mains plug.

In the event of a power failure the MS1002plus switches itself to emergency operation (E09), to ensure a controlled termination of the washing program. In emergency mode the MS1002plus only leaves the cold water valve open. By pushing the stop button you can switch the device back to the normal operation mode.

If there is no hot water tap but a wash basin or sink close by, the MS1002plus can also be connected to the washing machine by using an angle valve. You can buy an angle valve from your installer or from us.

Attention, important note for soft water use:

If you use “non drinkable water” you will have to comply with the Euro-Norm EN 1717 and DIN1988. For further information contact a sanitation professional.


Tighten all plastic plugs manually – without a pipe wrench – to avoid damaging or overwinding the threads.