Hot fill MS1002plus


Built in savings potential…

This example calculation exemplifies how much you can save with our MS1002plus (using average values):

  • Family with 2 children – washing 6 times per week
  • Average electricity tariff in Germany 0,255 EUR/kWh
Hot water supply Savings in EUR per year with water demand per wash:

40 Liter 60 Liter 100 Liter
Oil heating 35,64 EUR 46,13 EUR 83,87 EUR
Natural gas 39,89 EUR 51,62 EUR 93,85 EUR
Pellet heating 44,13 EUR 57,11 EUR 103,83 EUR
Solar system 54,10 EUR 70,01 EUR 127,30 EUR
State of information and Ø-electricity tariff: July 2012


When evaluating the possible savings in your household please consider the following:

  • How often are you washing and which temperature do you use?
  • How economically does your heating system/ hot water supply work?
  • How much water and electricity does your washing machine use?
  • What is the actual electricity tariff in your area?

We will gladly give you further calculation examples with various heating systems and requirements of the water demand. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

The connection of our MS1002plus to your washing machine or dishwasher…

is very simple and works without interfering with the machine. In new houses the MS1002plus can be built in as space saving in-wall solution. Furthermore there is a soft water version available. The electricity supply happens through a power supply unit which is especially power saving in standby.

Main advantages

Saving energy…

Energy is valuable. It usually is wasted while washing, because cold water hast to be heated up electronically. This process of heating up can make out more than 80% of the total energy demand of a washing process, although your household already has efficiently heated up

With the MS1002plus you provide your washing machine with this hot/warm water and therefore reduce your energy consumption to a minimum. An average household with 4 persons can save up to 300kWh per year and thereby relieve the environment of about 300kg of harmful exhaust gases.

You will wash especially energy saving if your hot water comes from a solar system.

Where there is a lot of washing…

Using the MS1002plus is profitable when you are doing a lot of washing or rinsing. Ergo, not only in private households with many children but also in business establishments as guest houses, restaurants, holiday apartments and hairdresser´s.

In general: the more often a washing machine or dishwasher is used per week, the more profitable it is to use the MS1002plus.

Simply ecologically…

Environmentally friendly washing is made easy due to the easy installation, the possibility to use soft water and the intelligent chip control system. As you can set the time of beginning (that is possible in 95% of all washing machines) it is also possible to use for example cheaper overnight rates for your electricity. By using this energy saving system you can upgrade the efficiency rating of an old washing machine significantly. Even if you buy a new machine using the MS1002plus is worthwhile: New machines with an additional hot water connection often are more expensive than a solid basic model in combination with the MS1002plus.

Additional safety…

The integrated humidity sensor registers even smallest amounts of leaking water on the ground. The solenoid valves at the water taps are then being closed to stop the ongoing water flow as a safety precaution. This prevents you from having expensive and nerve-racking water damages.

Proven suitability in use…

Our innovative development is being used for more than 20 years in several european countries. About 25000 families and tradesmen use the MS1002plus to get more efficiency and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Health Plus…

The MS1002plus offers the possibilty of „more effective rinsing”. Flushing can either be with warm or with cold water.

This removes detergent residues even more effectively (no detergent on your skin) and is good for health and well being of your family, guests and costumers.

Further information

Technical data:

Casing colour:

white / anthracite black

Dimensions in mm:

180 (w), 138 (h), 30 (d)


370 g


230 V, 50 Hz

Power consumption:

0,6 – 13 W

Scope of delivery:

Hot fill MS1002plus with complete accessories kit and manual.

Special feature:

For the soft water and flush mounted version you need additional configurations and accessories. When required please refer directly to Martin Elektrotechnik GmbH.

Manufacturer´s warranty:

„Building on sustainablity!“ Our devices have a long service life, which usually exceeds the service life of a washing machine. Therefore we, Martin Elektrotechnik Gmbh – 97769 Bad Brückenau – give a 24 month warranty beginning with the date of invoice.


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